Welcome to the Bat & Cat & Frog & Dog Shoe Sight
We are also good at support. Our hoof, paw & claw experts are available to help train your pet how to tie shoelaces. Before you know it, you're pet will be tying YOUR shoes for you!
Stay tuned for are new line of athletic pet wear, "Air Tabby" - In no time you're pet will be slam dunkin' like a pro.
Yo. We sell special maid to order footware for you're favorite bats, cats, frogs and dogs. It isn't easy for most people to get measurements and thats where we have the edge. Our staff of hand-picked (get it?? ha ha) experts from around the world will help you get just the right type of footware for your pet. Their too good to be true. Trust me on that. Each and every member of are staff carries a cell phone 24 hours a day to make sure that no pet bat, cat, frog or dog goes shoe-less. All you have to due is send us a photo of your favorite pet, and explain its walking patterns in any givun 24 our period. Are experts will take it from there, calling you as necessary, and viola! In no time at all you have the footware at you're front door, along with the fitting expert assigned to you're case. Sure, it may cost a little bit more than the stuff you buy at Famoose Footware, but hey, a pet's a pet, right? Oh, by the way, we wood have testumonials for you, but to be honest, we haven't maid are furst sail yet. And we have such a way kewl product. Weird, huh?
Contact us at mailto:president@batcatfrogdog.com