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October: 2002
Ethel Crook and IVAA

Ethel Crook

Judy, Jan, Carolyn: back row, and David and Ethel: front row, at Merrill Gardens October 2002Transition time. I flew back up to Bellingham to be with Mom and help Carolyn. Brother David and sister-in-law Janet are building a beautiful suite in their home to accommodate Mom, and she was moved in two days after I left.

Much of the packing had been done, but there was a continuous slimming down of supplies, etc., as we moved closer to the actual move. Jan Pierson came up and we had some wonderful family times together. Lots of back massages, etc. We're that kind of family. And I was a bad influence on everyone and insisted on lots of "take-out" food during this time. Carolyn needs a break from cooking, and goodness knows when I get in the kitchen, anything can happen.

One day we put Mom in the car and went to Bellingham's waterfront. Mom took us to lunch, and it was just wonderful. She does well with her walker. Later, we went to Hilton's, a nifty shoe store, and got Mom some attractive and useful shoes. Velcro closings work well for her. Surrounded by fabulous footwear, Carolyn and I each got a pair of flat boots.

I flew home in early Oct, and started finalizing my presentation for the IVAA Summit in Las Vegas. A nasty case of the flu slowed me down, but I made it, and with lots of help from some colleagues, the presentation went well. The entire convention was superb. I met so many wonderful people and learned a great deal. I discovered that not all people attending belonged to IVAA. Some wanted to learn more before joining. Other belonged to college faculty and were considering what might work in curriculum relative to the virtual assistant industry.

The organization is comprised of professionals from many fields. Our common bond is that we all--in one way or another--provide professional services to other businesses or business people. We have a vast array of talent, and we all have the same goal: to help each other learn and grow while keeping the standards of the industry high.

Busy month. Time to rest.


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