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Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Aunt Elva.


Mom's birthday was November 7, and mine was November 9. Right in between those days, the family lost someone who was unbelievably precious: Aunt Elva. She experienced so much pain in her life, yet her spirit was enduring. She always had a smile and a hug for her friends and relatives. Read more about this remarkable woman by clicking here.

Photo of Ron and Kerrie Simpson Thanksgiving 2002Thanksgiving was a day we'll always treasure. We had Ron and Kerrie and the three granddogs: Nugget, Gracie, and Shimmy. We had dear friend Ruthann Clemens (she had to leave her dogs at home: three dogs are all our cat can bear at one time!). We also had long-time Internet friends Will and Mari Bontrager, who parked their RV in our driveway.

Turns out Will knows how to carve a turkey like no one else! He did the most beautiful job we've ever seen. The Bontragers stayed on for a couple of days. Saturday we went to a nearby animal rescue (no-kill) shelter, and Mari found the dog of her dreams: Princess Leah.

This precious little Mostly Poodle loves nothing more than to jump up in someone's lap and cuddle. Truly adorable. Thus, we ended November on a sweet note. New friends. Family. Vicky, Marla, Dana, and Brittany drove from their vacation home in Parker to take us out to lunch and play catch-up. Delightful time! And Christmas not far away.


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