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March 2003:
Spring's on the way!

Enamel impression of photo of Strawberry Hedgehog cactus blossomsMore rain as we started out this beautiful month. We have rich green grass and weeds coming up in our desert landscaping. But it's okay. After a year of drought, we're delighted to have to deal with weeds. And we will have a fantastic spring in terms of wildflowers!

Lucky me! I was able to meet my dear friend and colleague Patricia Dreiseszun for a lunch meeting. She owns and operates World Class Concierge Services, and is one of the classiest people I've ever known.

Thursday March 13, Cindy Willey LaRue died. I got to know her when she was Executive Director of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce. What a ray of sunshine and vitality! Later she married and gave birth to two daughters. She died after a brain aneurysm. God rest you, Cindy.

Friday March 14 Ron called to tell me that one of our favorite people in the world had died suddenly: Kenny Kimball. He was a musical genius, playing the finest classical music and jazz of almost anybody anywhere. He was a natural jazz musician. It came from a place deep inside him. Kenny taught for years at Centralia College in Centralia, Washington. He loved his family, music, and teaching. I am grateful to have been a small part of his life. He touched me.

May God give these two families a deep and abiding peace as they deal with their losses.

We rounded out the month with a visit from the Patrizios: Roger, Shannon, & Jody. Plus Jody's beautiful dirt bike. Ron and Kerrie and three dogs were here a good part of the visit, and our time was crammed with all kinds of activities. Jody is particularly active. Not surprising, since he's 12. He spent time skateboarding, dirt biking, playing football with the neighbors, washing his bike, playing the guitar Uncle Ron gave him, and spending quality time with our cat, Bear.

Jody has a special way with animals. He spent one night with Ron and Kerrie, and became especially close to Nugget. He has two tabby cats, a Malemute, and a Golden Retriever at home.

We stayed up late visiting, and had a wonderful time. And the Patrizios installed a cement border in part of our front yard and put together a very complex exercise bike that I bought. That's family commitment!! We miss them already!


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