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March 2002
Medication and Visitors

The good, bad, and the ugly

Jack has had ongoing and severe back pain for several years, and he's been through every test, done every exercise, and tried many medications. All I can say about his last medication, MS Contin: don't take it unless you are prepared for some terrible side effects. I'll not go into detail. He began taking it upon our return from Hawaii, and a shortly thereafter, he was experiencing some frightening side effects. And it didn't relieve the pain.

Our kids from Colorado drove down for a visit, and it was good to have them here. Always fun to see grandson Jody, who comes with helmet and skateboard and performs nicely. Before the visit was over, Jody's uncle Ron gave him a trumpet. Jody had never played one before, but as we were saying goodbye, Jody stood in the driveway giving us a concert. Actually, he sounded pretty good. He may be a natural: I played French horn for years; my first husband (Jody's grandfather) played trumpet his entire life), and uncle Ron also played trumpet. Plus, great-grandmother Crook is a musician and a music teacher. Who knows? We'll stay tuned!

Our weather was perfect for Shannon and Roger to run, and they also took time out to to a baseball game in Tempe.

Had some delightful new clients this month. It's always nice to make new friends. And work with my existing clients. I keep meeting new people through these affiliations, and it's wonderful.


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