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June 2003:
Booming Business

While some people in the Valley are gone for the summer, those interested in building their businesses are cropping up, and I am happily busy. Web maintenance. New Web development. Editing.

And I have a new domain and will split my main domain content into two sites. Lots of work ahead. I love it. I'm at my best when I'm busy.

Jackie McCutcheon and I are putting together a site for Norman Lieberman: This site is written around a book/journal Norm just published. On his site, he says, "The book is both a tribute to my late dad, Irwin Lieberman, and to all of us who wish we had a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our dads. Dad is my hero. During his lifetime, he fought and was wounded on the European Front Line in WWII. He was a proud member of the U.S. Army Infantry.

"UnderstandingDad is geared to help you construct a living legacy of personal data on your father. You'll learn about his hopes and dreams, his childhood years, and uncover some great stories in the process. His words will not only fill your journal, but your heart as well."

Norm's questions are well written and very thoughtful. They should be. He's a successful headhunter, and knowing how to approach people properly makes all the difference in his profession. Clearly, it's a way of life.

Did I mention that he's one of my favorite clients? Yep. And Jackie McCutcheon is one of the finest designers and programmers I've met. I like her and I trust her.


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