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July 2003
Supplies; Family; Friends; Clients

Quick word of appreciation for IT Supplies. ed some toner for my HP4, and IT Supplies offered the best price plus free shipping on items over (I think) $75. And I had my order in 3-4 working days using UPS ground. I always check local prices, especially Staples, because there's a Staples store a few miles from her. Sometimes I'm in a time crunch (true for all of July), and I prefer mail order. Especially when the price is right.

People say nice things about my work, and it's appreciated. But what energizes me is the high quality of my clients. It is delightful to work on websites, articles, and books when the talent, skill, ability, etc. of the originator shine through. Getting to know these excellent people makes my life richer. What would I do without my wonderful clients?

The same is true of family. How could one person be blessed with so many wonderful family members? Generation after generation of special, unique individuals. I'm better for their lives having touched mine. Infinitely better. What would I do without my wacky, wonderful, and wise family?

And then there are friends. Same thing. My friends touch my life. And bring chicken soup when things get rocky. What would I do without good friends?

July rushed by with deadline after deadline, and new assignments popped up like green grass in the spring. So did email viruses and Trojan horses. The good and the not-so-good. What would I do without Norton Anti-Virus?

Enough questions. I'm blessed.


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