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July: 2002

John, Patty, Alex and Emma Vorfeld

We had an all-too-brief visit with one of our grandchildren's families, as John, Patty, Alex, and Emma visited after spending time with relatives in California. They live in New Hampshire. Need I say that Alex is unusually bright and cute, and Emma is an adorable cuddle bug? Sure. That's my right as a grandmother!

Our Wedding Anniversary

Jack and I celebrated 31 years of marriage. Read about how we met and wed by clicking here.

Shortly after our anniversary, Esther and Pete Vorfeld dropped by for a few days. Our weather has been unusually predictable: very hot. I felt sorry for the Vorfelds, who live on the beach in Hawaii, and are blessed with almost constant trade winds. Oh, well, they're good sports. And it was wonderful to spend time with them.


Mom experienced what was called a "moderate" stroke this month, and it damaged her left side and (briefly) her speech. My sister, Carolyn, immediately left her home in California to be by Mom's side. Mom was up and walking with a walker within a week.


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