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January: 2002
Goodbye Community Council

But on to other things!

I've been on the board of a local nonprofit for several years, and in the last few months we've had the unpleasant duty of shutting it down. While it's a shame for any good nonprofit to shut down, it's always wise to look at the plus side. The organization served the needs of many people with numerous levels of need. Hopefully, other organizations will rise to help these and others in need.

ThisKaren Drebes, Scottsdale; Katie Baird, Prescott; Judy Vorfeld, Peoria is the month I made an effort to get together with some of my Arizona colleagues, including some members of IVAA. Members of this global network of professionals who specialize in supporting businesses both locally and (more often) from a distance, Karen Drebes of Source for Sources, and Katie Baird of Loose Ends joined with some of my local colleagues for a Saturday afternoon of networking. Did we have fun! And did we learn!

Energy. Being in the same room with Karen and Katie is to experience energy and excitement. And the willingness to share ideas. Both brought samples of many types of projects, and took time to explain them and field questions. We will do this again!

Some of my longtime clients and colleagues have contacted me this month for upcoming copyediting and lite site renovation. In fact, I'm cutting down on some of my writing assignments because the calendar is filling up with work. It seems many small businesses are determined to get up and grow. I'm glad to be part of that effort.


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