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Handling Adversity Series

MARK BRENNAMAN   October 29, 1999, Mark was repeatedly stabbed in the back of the neck in an unprovoked, vicious attack. He collapsed in the landlord's nearby office, where the landlord saved his life. When he regained consciousness, he remembers thinking, "I'm in my last minute of life on earth." At that moment, he decided that he loved life and wanted more of it. How could anything beautiful spring to life through the horrible haze of depression and post traumatic stress that almost destroyed his mind?

LUCIA FORT   Terrorism and hyper-inflation helped spur Lucia Fort to leave Peru and visit her sister in San Francisco. In her home country, she earned $30 per month working two jobs. Once in the U.S., she knew she had to stay. She had no money, but she had dreams, and the ability to make them reality. Find out how she made things come together, even when circumstances threatened to overwhelm her.

JACQUES GESRET   Ever since his son's tragic death because of an overdose of asthma medication, Gesret has struggled to find ways to make life better for other asthmatics, particularly those in Third World Countries. After more than 25 years, he found the solution: the Web.

DOROTHY VALENTINE McGINNIS   Well into her 90's, she struggled with excruciating pain and her body's many weaknesses...but there was so much yet to enjoy...Dorothy reveled in the beauty and challenge each day offered, fighting death with courage and breathtaking ferocity, but finally it was time to go. Shortly after her death, her son, Bob, said something that refuses to go away, "Not only was she a good mother, she was one helluva father."

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