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February 2003:
Happy Birthday, Jack

Photo of Johnny Jumpups-enamel effectAnother busy month with many exciting assignments and some delightful new clients.

This is the month Jack usually has a birthday, but this year there was no February 29, so we celebrated his birthday on March 1. Lots of birthday cards and phone calls. He loves the attention.

As I went through an Avon catalog recently, I couldn't help but think that this is a company that is always looking ahead. It has always presented its products flawlessly, and it continues to move with the times. Now I can buy health foods (I did get a box of bars to try for lunch, and they were delicious) and exercise equipment. What will they think of next?

I needed to find a chiropractor much closer to home, and was referred to Dr. Mike Robb. He is excellent, and very savvy. He was in nuclear engineering for seven years before studying chiropractic, and I've got so many engineers in my family and in my work history that I felt right at home with him.

I had a lunch meeting with Mary Jane Condit, founder of Business Networking West near the end of the month. I'm her webmaster, and a loyal member of the group. In fact, I got my referral to Dr. Robb from another chiropractor at a BNW meeting.

February came and went in the twinkling of an eye! Most of the month we had rain, and everyone celebrated it!


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