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August: 2002

Ethel Crook

Enamel impression of Judy's photo of a Rainbow cactusMost of this month was a combination of working on assignments and keeping tabs on Mom's progress. I realized it was time for some more Little'e Mama's products, so made an order with Sue Harris and within a day of meeting her, got word that Mom had experienced another stroke.

I started making arrangements to go to Bellingham, and packed some of Sue's products as gifts for my family. Sister Jan Pierson met me at the airport, and said Mom was doing better, and she was home! When we got there, I tossed my handbag near the front door, and went over to Mom to give her a big hug. Little did I know there was a drama afoot.

We were just catching up when Jan looked over by the front door, and said, "Oh, no!" Mom's dog was cheerfully chewing on one of my $1300 hearing aids. Betsy has a radar nose, and had burrowed into my purse to find (in an inner pocket) a plastic bag containing my hearing devices. Jan saved one from destruction. Mom didn't know what was happening, and we didn't tell her for about a week: she was too fuzzy from medication, etc.

Jack stayed home and held things together, for which I'm grateful. It was a memorable nine days, working alongside Carolyn. Trying to relieve her of some responsibility. Spending quality time with Mom. The good news was that after Mom's second episode, which was most likely a TIA, her doctor changed her prescription to Plavix, and she is beginning to do much better. Getting feeling back in her left hand and arm.

Got back home and plunged into work. New client my first day back. Am I blessed or what?


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