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April 2003:
The Rd Hat Society

Photo of Phoenix sunrise from Goodyear, Arizona- soft plastic effectRuthann Clemens, Mary Hart, and I met for lunch April 5, and played "catch-up." Mary is a proud member of The Red Hat Society, and described the enjoyment she gets from this organization. And others.

I have probably never known anyone as busy as Mary Hart. Her interests are varied, creative, and fascinating. And she and Zach have five cats. I love Mary's stories of her felines and Ruthann's stories of her two Pekingese. Lucky pets those.

The three of us (and any others we can find who'd like an hour of good food and laughter) plan to meet once a month in various locations. We've known each other for close to ten years. The three of us have a love of desktop publishing, and we all approach it differently. That's why it's good to get together and compare notes.

I was privileged to meet other friends for brief, enjoyable meals: Karen Drebes and Sylvia Jackson.


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