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April: 2002
Spring Bouquet

Arizona Blessings

Enamel impression of Judy's photo of Strawberry Hedgehog blossomsLiving in Arizona is always delightful, but spring is special. The birds are nesting and flowers and cactus blossoms adorn the Sonoran Desert. Brilliant yellow, but wispy Palo Verde trees decorate the area, along with quite a number of Jacaranda trees. Citrus blossoms dot the Valley, and the scent is almost overpowering in its sweetness.

This month I did quite a lot of work for a search engine optimization specialist. He knows the industry, and is constantly reviewing his clients' sites in light of changing search engine requirements. He hires me to do a bit of "copyweaving." He gives me the keyword phrases to go on specific pages, and I try to merge these words in with the copy so that visitors understand and spiders cheerfully crawl the pages. Strains my brain, but it's good for me.

And David came to visit. My brother. My only and favorite brother. We are best friends, and what we find the most fun is to spend time at Fry's Electronics. David can discover a "deal" a mile away. He gets great buys. Does the same thing with garage sales. It's a gift.

He and Jack had a good time playing cribbage. And then it was time for him to go. Always a joy to have David here. Every time he comes I learn something new. Example: When he and I go somewhere, he drives my car, which we bought about eight months ago. We have those little thingies that remotely lock and unlock the doors. I knew that clicking unlock once opened the driver's door, but I didn't know that clicking it twice opened them all. Duh. Which is why it's so good to have David visit. When it comes to things to do with technology, he either knows the answer or will find the answer.


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