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Week of November 12, 2001:
Questions from Visitors

Samples of FAQ

Here are some examples of questions I'm asked in a given week. They come from and visitors.

  1. Is the proper term for the holiday Presidents Day, President's Day, or Presidents' Day? Same question for Veterans Day.
  2. What's the usage distinction for the terms "while" and "during?"
  3. How many words with different meanings but same spellings are there in the English language?
  4. What are the proper grammatical uses of terms regardless and irregardless?
  5. Is it "the book is laying (or lying) on the floor"?
  6. Is attendance secretary capitilized? I'd like to know the general rule for capitalizing proper names.
  7. Recently, the pounding on the floor has not had any effect/affect.
  8. Do you have anything on possessive plurals? Is it "mens' locker room?"
  9. I would like more info on how to correctly use "I" and "me" at the end of sentences.
  10. He had a good time, didn't he? Why do we use didn't rather than hadn't?
  11. Is there a difference between "despite" and "in spite of" in terms of meaning and/or usage?
  12. Im not sure how to re-write the sentence correctly: Having studied several search engines, they seem complicated to use.

Questions like these become the basis for some of my tips and articles. They force me to check my references, and reinforce my learning. I enjoy doing this!


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