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Week of November 5, 2001:

This week I'm fine-tuning my other automation programs, and have installed WillMaster's Master Syndicator. It's a snazzy program with a great control panel, and allows me to offer articles for other sites to use. Right now I'm focusing on writing tips. I will offer them once a week.

"And where," you ask "do the syndicated columns appear, or information about them?" Glad you asked. Go to this page to learn more!

It's so easy. Just a bit of JavaScript where you want the article to appear, and voila! It appears!

I need a bit of time to get the word out to my colleagues and my Webgrammar e-zine subscribers. This also allows me to start building a library of articles with writing and grammar tips that can be offered for syndication.

So many people speak well, but when it comes to business writing, they have a plethora of problems. Hopefully, my tips will help them.


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