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Week of October 1, 2001:
Memorial Service, & Polite Present

Memorial Service

Joanie, Doug, Carol, and Andrew NielsenThis week has been packed with many experiences. I held a Monday evening meeting at my home (people in professions similar to mine). We had pizza, soda, and cake. After everyone left, I finished packing for a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

The next morning, I left early to make time for any additional inspections, etc. The airport seemed quiet compared to other times. A lot of people not ready to travel. I had a wonderful flight to Seattle, and my sister, Jan, picked me up. We drove to Tacoma, stopped at Johnny's Dock for lunch, and headed for Olympia. Her car sputtered and stopped. An hour later, a tow truck picked us up and we headed once more for Olympia.

We had several marvelous days together, spending time with her children and grandchildren, and working on her computer, then drove north to Bellingham, our hometown. The car had been fixed, although not without cost. It's still a disadvantage to be a woman alone when dealing with car repairs, and Jan is too busy to learn Auto Mechanics 101.

Laura, Kathryn, and Barton NielsenCousin Rich Nielsen died in September, and his dad died in June. Since they were to be buried in Bellingham, the family planned a joint memorial service in their home church. My brother, David Crook, is pastor. The family began arriving Friday, from the U.S. and Germany. David and Janet Crook opened their home to all of us, and we proceeded to get acquainted and have a marvelous time. Rich's five children were there, along with his two ex-wives, brother Tim and his wife, Jan from Florida, and other delightful Nielsen and Boynton relatives. In the photo above, you'll see Joanie, Doug, Carol, and Andrew Nielsen. In the photo to the right, you'll see Laura, Kathryn, and Barton Nielsen. We'll have more photos from other family members soon, and I'm putting up a special Nielsen page soon on

What a joy to visit with so many of my relatives, and get to know them at a deeper level. The Nielsen family is spectacular in warmth, intelligence, and talent. Each of Rich's children is different and totally delightful.

Saturday, after the service, we separated for a while, then went to the Crooks' home again for more time to visit, laugh, cry, and massage aching necks and backs. We always do that when we get together. Our Grandma Sue Boynton taught all her grandchildren to massage, and we've all passed it on.

Spending time with Tim Nielsen was such a treat. He's had lots of stress with his brother having had a brain tumor, then treatments, then being in an assisted living center. And their dad died in June. (We'll focus on Uncle Lou on my personal site.) Tim made arrangements for Rich to have medical help near where he lives in Florida, and Uncle Lou lived nearby. Anyway, we had some memorable times with Tim and Jan and the rest of the family

I got to spend time with my mother, aunt (Lois Cruea), and aunt and uncle (Solon and Elva Boynton), and ever so many incredible cousins. Each time I leave Bellingham I feel enriched, and blessed. This time was no exception. And so, back to Arizona.


Polite Present: Manual of Good Manners, 1831

Excerpts from a charming, serious 2 1/2" x 4" book published in 1831 by Munroe & Francis.


Turn not your back to any, but place yourself so that none be behind you.

Read not letters, books, or other writings in company, unless there be necessity, and you ask leave.

Touch not, nor look upon the books or writing of any one, unless the owner invite or desire you.


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