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Week of August 6, 2001:
FindItQuik, Instant Glossary Builder, Afternoon Tea, Connie Brown, & Polite Present

SITE RECOMMENDATION: gives all the information people need to know on dozens of popular education and entertainment topics. I went in to see how it would fit as a Webgrammar recommendation, and spent the next ten minutes going through the section on cat breeds. What a dandy site. I especially like the fact that it has safe (for children's use) links filled with brain teasers, places to go, and things to do. While finding cool things about the web, you'll also learn how to conduct and structure your online research more effectively. The site was not only pre-screened for safety, but also rated as to its difficulty (easy, moderate, and challenging) and as to what type of content you will find-text, pictures, or multi-media.

Instant Glossary Builder

INSTANT GLOSSARY BUILDER. Discovery School's Glossary Builder gives you the chance to create your own glossary complete with pronunciations, definitions, examples, syllables, synonyms, similar words, inflected forms, derived forms, and cross references. It also offers a printable page in plain text that makes it much easier to read and copy for your own files. Astounding.


Afternoon Tea

Sunday my friend Mary Hart invited a few friends to Afternoon Tea, which was orchestrated by a friend who was originally from England. It was a typically hot, muggy August afternoon, but this didn't stop some of the guests from dressing up, complete with frilly, stylish hats.

We sat around a table decked with delightful finger sandwiches, scones with jelly and cream, petit fours, tarts, and sipped various flavors of tasty tea from lovely china cups. I'd not been to this particular kind of a tea, and it was memorable. Mary Hart is a prized friend.

Connie Brown

Thursday I met Connie Brown for lunch. She's executive director of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, and does a fantastic job of organizing. I met Connie about six years ago in a college coaching class. We became fast friends. I'd already started my business, and she began hers shortly thereafter.

She's troubleshooting personified. A couple of years ago she took over the chamber responsibilities, and because of the incredible business growth in Peoria, she's been busy, busy, busy. We had a terrific time, and I realized how lucky Peoria is to have someone like Connie playing a major role in the business community. She's a team player, very bright, and best of all, she's my friend.


Polite Present: Manual of Good Manners, 1831

Excerpts from a charming, serious 2 1/2" x 4" book published in 1831 by Munroe & Francis.


Grease not your fingers nor napkins more than necessity requires. Dip not your meat in the sauce. Bite not your bread, but break it ; neither crumble it about the table-cloth.

Lean not your elbow on the table, nor on the back of your chair.

Spit not, cough not, nor blow your nose at the table, if it can be avoided; but if there be necessity, do it aside, and without noise.


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