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Week of July 30, 2001:
Writers, Editors & Artists, Car Theft Redux, Nugget, & Polite Present

Writers, & Editors

This past week I met, via the Internet, some talented people. One person, J.D. Solomon, I met through colleague Jackie Eastwick of Allison Lane. The other two, J.R. Dunster and Holly Jahangiri, I met through my Idiom Sisters Award site. May I suggest you visit these sites if you love writing and art.

  1. Bear J.R. Dunster
  2. Scraps & Scribbles: Holly Jahangiri

Car Theft Redux

1993 Dodge at junque yardA week ago, someone stole our beloved car. Jack and I figured we wouldn't see it again, which only goes to show how mistaken we were. We got into our new car and headed for the storage yard.

As we examined the car, we realized this wasn't a crime of passion, but rather one of convenience. These people liked many things our car had, and decided to replace them: the battery, tires, wheels, grill, a headlight, and all the electrical "thingies" on the driver's door panel that controlled the windows and locks.

They left all our paperwork, my 15-year-old folding umbrella, a box of Kleenex, my wrist band (for carpal tunnel problems), the folding sun screen, and some dental floss. We appreciate the fact that they did no damage to the body or the upholstery. And now, on to other things.

If you want to read all about car alarms, Marshall Brain (How Stuff Works) has a new, fascinating article with superb graphics on How Car Alarms Work.



NuggetOur newest granddog, Nugget, visited us shortly after Ron and Kerrie adopted him. He is not sure how to act as an "inside" dog, having spent his life outside, and tends to get under a table as soon as he comes in.

We went to visit the Simpsons the other day, and were eager to see Nugget and Micus (our other Golden Retriever granddog). Once inside, Jack headed for (and plopped down on) the sofa. In a few minutes, Nugget came into the family room to greet us. He jumped up on the sofa and hid his head behind Jack's back for about ten minutes. Where is my camera when I need it??? Then he went back upstairs. Too much excitement. It's wonderful to see how nurturing is slowly changing him into a more stable, secure animal. He's beautiful.


Polite Present: Manual of Good Manners, 1831

Excerpts from a charming, serious 2 1/2" x 4" book published in 1831 by Munroe & Francis.


Eat not too fast, nor with greedy behaviour. Eat not too much, but moderately. Eat not so slowly as to make others wait for you.

Make not a noise with your tongue, mouth, lips or breath, in eating or drinking. Be sure never to speak with victuals in your mouth. Endeavour so to eat as that none can see your victuals whilst chewing.

Stare not in the face of any one, especially your elders, at the table.


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