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Week of July 16, 2001:
Keeping things in perspective, Reading, & Polite Present

Keeping things in perspective

The July 23 issue of Business Week offers a new slant on the high cost of gasoline in the U.S. It suggests we remember the following fluid numbers the next time we're at the gas pump:

  • SNAPPLE ICED TEA. Price per gallon: $10.32
  • EVIAN SPRING WATER. Price per gallon $21.19
  • SCOPE MOUTHWASH. Price per gallon $47.48
  • PEPTO-BISMOL. Price per gallon $123.20
  • LIQUID PAPER (white-out). Price per gallon $424.53
Isn't it fun to see the results of creative minds at work?


I got them! Two books by Sharon Kay Penman. Mysteries, set around the time of King Richard III. They were printed in the 1980s, but my local used book stores don't carry them. They don't carry any of Patrick O'Brian's books, either. Perhaps such books are precious enough that people keep them rather than trade them in. I'm starting the first one, "The Queen's Man," this evening.

Just finished reading a brilliant, moving book: "Mother of Pearl" by Melinda Haynes. I'm going to send it my sister, Carolyn, then have her send it back. I want to read it again. It is so full of words that touch deep inside one's spirit and soul. Magnificent characterizations, plot, dialogue: everything. Speaking of magnificent: that describes Carolyn perfectly. And she's the one who got me started on Penman's books.


Polite Present: Manual of Good Manners, 1831

Excerpts from a charming, serious 2 1/2" x 4" book published in 1831 by Munroe & Francis.

TO THE FAMILY: Never quarrel with your brothers and sisters; but live in peace and unity. Use respectful and courteous language towards all domestics. Never be domineering nor insulting, for it is the mark of an ignorant and purse-proud child.


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