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Ready to learn how to communicate better in the business world?

Have you ever wanted to understand every aspect of small business communication? Presentation. Headings. Graphics. Formatting. Color. Marketing. All-around kind of things. Subscribe to Judy Vorfeld's Repurposed Newsletter, eCommunication Food for Thought! We are combining this ezine with Webgrammar's Food for Thought.

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Come to understand what your target market wants and expects. Learn to communicate better! This free ezine helps you communicate effectively through the best possible use of text, layout, technology, and resources.

Let eCommunication Food for Thought show what it takes to create effective presentation. Convinced? Subscribe to eCommunication Food for Thought!...and just to show you the quality of the publication, here's a gift for you. Written by Sean D'Souza, this eBook is entitled "Why Do Some Headlines Fail?"

You will learn:

  • The simplicity of writing headlines
  • What are the psychological triggers to use
  • Human psychology better than ever before
"Why Do Some Headlines Fail?" is a treasure. Find Sean D'Souza, a brilliant writer, strategist, and cartoonist, at this address.

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eCommunication Food for Thought


eCommunication Food for Thought


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