What Can We Learn From A Seed?

©James Mann

I wrote this little article on a day the we desperately needed rain and we got it. Aren't we blessed! Today we are getting some rain that will save many plants and trees. The heat wave we had in the last week has been so intense that we have had more forest fires already that we had all last year.

That has me thinking of my flowers and how hard I had to work to keep them alive over the past week. It is an ongoing process that keeps them alive and thriving, but every minute I put into my plants is worth it, and they pay me back with their beauty and seeds for their future survival.

Growing a flower and growing your eBusiness makes for a great analogy. The care you take at the beginning will determine how beautiful they both will be when they flower. The foundation you prepare ahead of time will determine how many seeds your flower or eBusiness will produce: seeds that are security for the future.

Fertile Ground

First you need fertile ground—an area where your seed or idea is going to be able to take root. If it is not the type of ground your seed needs, or the right niche for your idea, it will give you zero results. Or it may start and then just wither and die. Different seeds need different ground to grow in and not every seed or idea will survive, so you never just plant one seed. Very biblical.

Your business ideas are seeds that need planting firmly in fertile ground. The internet is your garden and there are many types of soil; you have to research it to find the most fertile ground for your ideas.

So, you study the requirements needed for a success garden and you manage to find a great spot for your seeds, but...

...fertile ground still does not guarantee beautiful flowers. You have to nurture and protect those seeds to keep them from being destroyed by a misplaced footstep or a hungry bird looking for an easy meal.

New eBusiness ideas can be as delicate and helpless as those seeds. Friends and family, although full of good intentions, may step right on your ideas, giving you doubts so that in no time your ideas are stomped on and destroyed. Guard your ideas and keep them safe. Only share them with people who have vision. Keep away from the bird-brains who will just pick them apart until they are all but destroyed.

Give them the gift of life...


Those little seeds can be as hard as a rock and appear to be lifeless, but add a little water and WOW, you have life. You have to be sure that your seeds get just enough to allow them to thrive. Give them too little and they will be starved for water. Give them too much and you will drown them.

They also need to be gently watered without using too much pressure. If you water your seed with too much pressure you may wash it right out of the ground and it will just sit there until it is useless and gets blown away. Gently water that seed and your seed will begin to sprout. But your work is not done yet, is it?

Your eBusiness ideas need to be watered enough to make them come alive and to thrive. You have fertile ground to give your eBusiness a good foundation for growth. Water it just enough to keep it healthy but not so much that it is a washout.

You have to be aware of weeds also. They will sprout and take over your garden. Knowing which are the flowers or great ideas is important. Your contacts and business partners need special attention also. Enough attention to stir life but not so much that you drown them with your attention. Over-watering with too much attention can be just as deadly as no attention at all.


Unless you plan on growing mushrooms you cannot keep your garden in the dark all the time. Your new sprouts now need light. Your garden needs the right type of light depending on what the sprouts are capable of handling. The light that will keep one flower growing and healthy can burn other flowers. Too much light for some plants is overwhelming and can actually stop their growth: it can even kill helpless little sprouts.

Your eBusiness contacts need light in the form of knowledge, but just enough to make them reach for more. Too much knowledge at one time can give them information overload and actually stifle their growth.


I can imagine your mind filled with ideas about the types of fertilizer found in internet gardening. :-0 I had a lady laughingly ask me where I get fertilizer for my internet garden. I said I got it from all BS web sites that make promises that they have no idea how to keep.

It is important to give your eBusiness the fertilizer required for the best growth, but not so much that you burn your beautiful flowers. When you contact a prospect or subscriber, do it with great content that is based on the topic of the initial contact. That will help them grow their internet gardens.


Now you have the right combination of earth, water, light, and fertilizer to grow the best possible flower. One that will make you and others grow better internet gardens. When your flower grows and matures it will then produce new seeds that you can use to produce more beautiful flowers.


Looking back to the moment you planted the seed, you will notice that it did not happen overnight. From seed to maturity it took work and nurturing to get the best results. To grow an eBusiness that produces beautiful results takes time, work, and nurturing. Too much of any one thing can stop growth and even kill.

James Mann
iNET Strategies Inc.

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