Choosing The Right Printer for your Business

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Here's a challenge: choose the right type of printer to support your clients' needs. Offering the best quality says that you care about the long-term effects of the documents you produce. The office support industry is all about quality. Choose your equipment wisely, with client needs in mind.

Ink jets work well for many small and home-based businesses, but if you intend to produce large volumes of printed work, consider buying a laser printer. Here are some reasons:

  • The print generally lasts longer: sometimes years longer.
  • The print doesn't deteriorate.
  • The print doesn't smear.
  • The image is generally clearer when you print camera-ready artwork.
  • Over the long haul, it's more economical since the cost is less per page and the life of a laser generally exceeds that of an inked.

A couple of years ago a colleague sent me a letter full of important information, printed using an ink jet on paper with a linen texture. I filed it away. Some months later, I opened the folder and discovered that the words were slowly disappearing, chip by chip.

Color Ink jets produce delightful documents, but if you plan to support the needs of clients who might refer to their documents over an extended period of time, don't discount buying a laser printer.

If possible, budget for one of each (an inked, regardless of color capability) and a laser. If you can only afford one, however, go for a laser printer.

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