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Judy's Corner

Many thanks for the responses to last name plurals/possessives. Fun exercise.

Do you enjoy reading? How? Printed books? Devices, like Kindle and Nook? What are some of your favorite books? It's been a long, hot summer, and I've indulged in a lot of reading. And re-reading. When you have exceptional writers, re-reading is a joy. I sometimes read for insight, but more often for entertainment. Sometimes it's the plot, but other times it's the characters. But usually something that briefly allows me to be somewhere else and get involved in the moment.

There are authors who do brilliantly on a series, then go on to disappoint. That doesn't diminish their fine work in that series, however. Just a few of my favorite authors: Craig Thomas, Patrick O'Brian, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Nelson DeMille, John Lescroart, Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, P.D. James, Robert Ludlum, John le Carre, and Sarah-Kate Lynch. Why Sara-Kate? Well, read Blessed Are the Cheesemakers and you will understand. Once you stop chuckling.

And I want to mention how nice it is to hear from longtime subscribers. Like Deb Lurie and Karl-Erik Tallmo. Plus through Karen Chung's website I had the pleasure of meeting James Buchanan (, who introduced himself by saying, "We have recently placed a huge archive of violin and bow makers into our website..." and I was honored to add his link to the ARTS section of this issue. It is especially meaningful since my mother, Ethel Crook, was a magnificent violinist blessed with perfect pitch and a love for music that was breathtaking.

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Grammar Tip #1

Confused over biannual and biennial and semiannual? Here are the differences:

Chicago Manual of Style says that "biannual" and "semiannual" both mean twice a year. But "biennial" means once every TWO years. CMS recommends the following (to avoid confusion): Use "semiannual" instead of "biannual," and "once every two years" instead of "biennial."

Grammar Tip #2

Confusing Word Pairs: 1. flair (talent, instinctive discernment, distinctive elegance), flare (to burst into flame, to erupt, to become suddenly angry, an expanding or opening outward 2. wound (injury to an organism or to the feelings), wound( past tense/participle of wind as in wrapping something around another object, to go along a twisting path, wind a watch, winding river). There is much more depth to the meaning of all of these words, which you can find at American Heritage Dictionary online:

Business Email Tip

List of Salutations Part 2

Two men
Dear Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones
Two women
Dear Ms. Smith and Ms. Jones/Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones/Miss Smith and Miss Jones/Miss Smith and Ms. Jones/Mrs Smith and Miss
Woman and man (no personal relationship)
Dear Ms./Mrs./Miss Smith and Mr. Jones or Mr. Smith and Ms./Mrs./Miss Smith


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