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Judy Vorfeld, PublisherIssue 93

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Judy's Corner

Hearing from my subscribers: Heard from writer/editor Susan Lamphiear. And from Rosemary Timoney and Lois Epps. My subscriber friend in China, May Chang, says, "Dear Teacher Judy: I will study the above article carefully. Thank you so much to brighten my day. Happy Holidays!" She is wonderful.

Here's a response from a subscriber who wants to remain anonymous: "I enjoy your newsletter. Re salutations. Often in writing letters to multiple persons, male and female, I use the salutation "Folks:" One excuse for that is that I'm an aging Texan lawyer. And I've often imagined that the more sophisticated addressees find "Folks" pleasantly quaint..."


Introducing Pubslush: Crowdfunding For Books Only. I recently joined forces with, a global Crowdfunding arena for books. (I do not have a financial interest in Pubslush, and receive no money for having a community page or encouraging authors to see that Pubslush may be the answer to raising funds for authors' costs when it comes to producing a book.)

If people like me (with a related business) are interested in promoting Pubslush, they can apply for a Partner page. And many books are also for sale on the Pubslush site (they indicate whether the product is a working draft or a completed manuscript, and approximate page length.

I suggest you go through the site, and meet the Advisory Board. Check out the Press & Media Coverage. And there's The Cause: the Pubslush Foundation says that for every book sold, a children's book will be donated to a child in need. Education is a priority to Pubslush.

If you want to look around, or ask a question, support someone's book, or join my Pubslush community, come visit my page. Or if you have a business relating to writing and publishing, apply for your own Pubslush page and network with your clients.

Because I believe in the people behind the business, their community service outlook, and their support for authors, I'm writing a series of articles for the Pubslush blog. I will directly target people who are ready to start writing an ebook. I will help with formatting ideas so the publishing submission process will move smoothly. And I'll give grammar, style, and Word tips along the way.


Ask Judy: I now have a special place on my Editing and Writing site to answer all kinds of writing and grammar questions: Ask Judy. Please bookmark it and make use of it. Spread the word. I love researching such questions. I won't publish your name without permission. Promise.


Reading Revolutions: Online digital text and implications for reading in academe by Barry W. Cull. While the Internet is a text-saturated world, reading online screens tends to be significantly different from reading printed text. This review essay examines literature from a variety of disciplines on the technological, social, behavioural, and neuroscientific impacts that the Internet is having on the practice of reading.

A particular focus is given to the reading behaviour of emerging university students, especially within Canada and the United States. A brief overview is provided of the recent transformation of academic libraries into providers of online digital text in addition to printed books and other materials, before looking at research on college students' preferences for print and digital text, and the cognitive neuroscience of reading on screen. Topics include the following:

  • A very brief historical overview of reading
  • Current North American reading trends
  • The benefits of leisure reading
  • Internet usage trends
  • Online research and reading behaviour
  • Online digital text: The story of academic libraries
  • Popular ebooks
  • Student preferences for reading print vs. digital text
  • The cognitive neuroscience of reading
  • Discussion and conclusion


The sun be warm and kind
To you,
The darkest night, some star
Shine through,
The dullest morn
A radiance brew,
And when dusk comes—
God's hand
To you.

Eleanor Powers

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Grammar Tip #1 - It's or Its?
It's means It is or It has. It's time to go. It's been great. The possessive form (its) is never written with an apostrophe: "Its title is Octopus Island." "What is its value?"

Grammar Tip #2 - Their, They're, or There?
Their: possessive form of the word "they," e.g., Their website is full of typos.
They're: Contraction of the words "they" and "are," e.g., They're doing a great job on their website.
There: at or in that place, e.g., "Now there is an amazing website." "There they go." "There it is."

Business Email Tip

The Signature Line/Block/Sig File

Once you've finished writing your message, go down two lines. If you're writing informally to someone in your organization, just type your name: first or full. If you're writing on behalf of your organization, informally, you can just leave your name, but as a convenience, it's thoughtful to make sure critical info is somewhere on the page (phone, fax, email address).

For all others, you may want to use what I call a sig file. Most email programs will let you do this automatically. Include critical information including your organization's full web address. Having one full automatic sig file is a guarantee that you never miss sending out critical information. Some companies also require an automatic message regarding confidentiality.

If you're self-employed, you can also create and use an automatic sig file. Some experts recommend having the following on separate lines: full name, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, email address, and a tag line, which is a brief way to say what your company does. On my Editing/Writing site, I have a logo saying "Words refreshed and crafted with care," followed by a line saying "Editing & Writing Services," followed by changeable text which reads:

Judy Vorfeld,
Proofing & Writing Websites, Articles, Business Documents, & More
Grammar question? Ask Judy!

I don't broadcast my phone number because of my Reverse Slope Hearing Loss, but it's available on every page of my site.


Arts - CTO - Desktop Publishing, Design, & Typography - Education - Grammar - History - Small Biz/Home Office - Technology - For Writers, Journalists, Playwrights


Irish Sheet Music Archives: thousands of pieces of sheet music available for your review.

Alfred Stieglitz Autochrome: In 1907, Stieglitz traveled to Europe where he was introduced to the newly marketed Autochrome Lumiere color photography process.

TrekNature: learning more about the world through nature photography. Magnificent site.

Bernardo Cesare, polarized light photomicrography

Beautiful, Intimate Portraits of Bees


What is the Best Metal Detector?

Overweight Americans Who Pick Diet Drinks Eat More Food, Study Finds

Advanced Style: Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.

Find the Best Places to Live - AreaVibes

A Potato Battery Can Light Up a Room For Over a Month

Numberphile: videos about numbers & stuff



Best of Digital Photography School's 2013 Articles for Beginners

What is a Page?

Why typography matters

Trapping - When Colors Touch - the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet


Oxford University Press: many student and teacher areas, and don't miss the Learning Resources Bank.

New Autism Screening Tool More Reliable, Study Finds

Affordable Colleges Online

Your Writing Is Almost Never As Good As You Think

Varsity Tutors: practice tests, digital flashcards, and questions-of-the-day for standardized tests and academic subjects of all levels

Doing What Works: Editor's Picks: U.S. Dept of Education

Educational Psychology: 20 Things Educators Need To Know About How Students Learn


Common Errors In English: Professor Paul Brians

Daily Grammar

Daily Writing Tips: Get a daily grammar, spelling, punctuation or vocabulary tip.

Guide To Grammar And Style: Jack Lynch

Professor Charles Darling's Grammar Site


Who's That Mathematician? Images from the Paul R. Halmos Photograph Collection

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Rock and Roll. This ten-part series, explores the musical styles, influences, and complex creative processes that have allowed rock to endure, from its renegade beginnings in the 1950s to the 1990s

The Tornado Outbreak of May 20, 2013

Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes

The Story Behind the First Ransom Note in American History

Native Seedlings to Return to Reforest Burned Areas

San Francisco - David Rumsey Map Collection


Humans at the Core of Social Trends in 2014

Minimizing Team Conflict

Pregnancy in the Veterinary Workplace: Handling the Risks - good for all kinds of workplaces

Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English

Chambers 21st Century Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Biographical Dictionary. Published in the UK


UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Announces Acquisition of New Linear Accelerator

How reliable are web analytics?

How Are Mobile Web Pages Different from Regular Web Pages?

Gene Mutation in Dalmatians Sheds Light on Kidney Stones in Humans

Content: consumers aren't just looking for content that is worth sharing. They share content that contributes to their self-worth. How does that change your strategy?


Read my lips:It is a myth that the ancients only or normally read out loud - a myth we appear to want to believe, since the evidence against it is strong, says James Fenton

Good Ways to Write

Writing Is A Process That Starts Long Before The First Word

Audrey Owens' Newsletters (Back Issues). Better yet, subscribe to her "Editor's Notes." She'll help you write better!

Irregular Verb Dictionary

Tips for Storytellers: How to make photos better



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