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No one correctly guessed the last abbreviation on the newsletter, AWC. Subscriber MB thought it might be "All Words Considered." Nice. Let's leave it at that, and forget "After While Crocodile."

There are a number of NGOs in the Philippines that have taken advantage of social media to get their messages out. The ones I've been watching all have dedicated, organized, passionate leaders who care deeply about their people and their country.

Their giving is a combination of humanitarism, education, and sustainability. These people lead by example. And together they are making a difference.

I was recently privileged to work with Antonio Ingles, Jr., PhD on the creation of a website that would share his doctoral dissertation of 2009. He wants to publish his dissertation, and between us we took the first step: the website Kaluwagan. It is his hope that a book will be next.

"Moving to another server is never easy," says Will Bontrager, "even when most of it can be automated. And even for many who are technically proficient." With that in mind, he created a dandy PDF checklist. Find it in his March 27 ezine, Possibilities.

Grammar Tip #1: FREE REIGN OR FREE REIN? It's "rein." Merriam-Webster's says it's unrestricted liberty of action or decision." The Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms says "free rein" is synonymous with "allow" and "give." If you give people, ideas, or a horse free rein, they are free to develop without the intrusion of controlling elements.

Grammar Tip #2: It's or Its? It's means It is or It has. It's time to go. The possessive form (unlike so many words) is NEVER written with an apostrophe: "Its title is" - "What is its value?"

Business Email Tip

Sending a message to many people. It's easy if you want to let all recipients know who else the message is going to: just use the cc: area. But if your message goes to people who don't know each other, and have no need to know each other or their email addresses, then use the bcc: (blind copy) area. And just send the message (to:) to yourself.

Quick tip: Are you prone to accidentally hit the "send" button before you finish a message? Then don't fill in the to: box until just before you're ready to send.

P.S. Let me know if this email is too wide for your screen. I increased the pixels but can go back to the first width if you need it. Just click "Reply."


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Tutorial: Introduction to Shoot Move Shoot (aka Interleave) Mode

Glassmaking in Roman Times. This website explores several aspects of the history of glassworking throughout the six centuries of Roman domination of the Mediterranean world.


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Vita Sackville-West created with her husband Harold Nicholson one of the most famous gardens in the world at Sissinghurst in Kent.

Witnessing the Big Miracle in Barrow Alaska: story of three California Grey Whales trapped in ice: text, photos, video.

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I don't think website design gets much better than this, says Chuck Green


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Improve your English while reading the news.

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Guide To Grammar And Style: Jack Lynch

Professor Charles Darling's Grammar Site


Lincoln Park Architectural Photographs: 200 historical buildings in Chicago's Lincoln Park Community, and include images of several buildings that are designated landmarks.

Responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian content, foster cultural participation, active citizenship and participation in Canada's civic life, and strengthen connections among Canadians.

Discover History: History is everywhere. In nearly 400 national parks and every hometown. It covers everything from the remnants of ancient civilizations to the boyhood homes of U.S. Presidents to the stirring sagas of hard-fought wars to the reverberations of one woman refusing to give up her seat on a bus. History is a part of who we were, who we are, and who we will be.

The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Collection documents artifacts excavated from two sites in Southern California. The first site is represented by about 1,040 color images of artifacts from the original Los Angeles Chinatown; an additional 150 images document artifacts from the site of a Chinese laundry in Santa Barbara.

Commonwealth College was established in 1923 at the Newllano Cooperative Colony (near Leesville, Louisiana) to promote labor education and especially to educate leaders for the labor movement. Due to clashes among strong personalities and conflicting priorities, the college was soon looking for a new home.


Duct Tape Marketing Start looking at your business as a vehicle for solving the greatest challenges of your most profitable customers and then figure out how to do that better.

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fkb = fr*^ Kindle Books. Every day there are hundreds of new fr*^ Kindle books on Every day you'll find books in nonfiction, fiction, language learning, poetry, internet marketing, food, and children/young adult categories.

IndieGoGo: World's Leading International Funding Platform: Offers anyone with an idea - creative, cause-related, or entrepreneurial - the tools to effectively build a campaign and raise money.


Online Books Pages: a vast range of online literature beyond what is indexed individually on The Online Books Page.

RealClearBooks. Site provides a daily jumping-off point to help readers take in the world of books, the changing nature of publishing, and the many controversies that attach themselves like barnacles to the written word.

Subscription to software that "integrates with Microsoft Word and provides automatic checking of your documents for AP style."

NPR Ethics Handbook: New

Debbie Weil recently founded Voxie Media, a boutique publishing imprint for business authors, because she is passionate about books, e- or print. And because she is convinced that books – and entrepreneurial publishing – are what come after blogging.

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