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I'm sending this ezine to subscribers of Communication Expressway and Webgrammar's Food for Thought. But this is the last issue of each. Instead, I'm combining them into one 21st century ezine with real, live links and subjects that you are interested in. Two grammar tips and one business email tip. Slight change in categories. And occasionally someone needs help (see below).

Throughout the issue you will find some acronyms that may look strange. That's just me, having fun with some texting lingo, which is an important part of today's culture. "CTO" is replacing "References," and stands for "Check This Out." You have to figure out the one at the end of the issue by yourself.

I'll keep the ezine under the banner of Communication Expressway, so all subscription requests will go there from all my sites. It's going to take some time to iron out all the wrinkles, and the most important part of the process is your feedback. As always, click "Reply" and let me know what works and what doesn't.

Many problems in working with an HTML letter were solved by reading my long-time friend, Will Bontrager's article, Testing HTML Emails Before Sending to List. His is the "go-to" site if you have technical questions about coding. And a big "thanks" to my host, Tiger Tech for helping me get this on the way.

I invite all my Webgrammar subscribers to join us by going to the subscription page or by sending an email to

Before I close Judy's Corner, I want to thank Elsbeth Oggert of for her beautiful repurposing of my Editing and Writing Services website... done in WordPress.

Grammar Tip #1 Continual vs. Continuous

CONTINUOUS (uninterrupted) "Continuous" refers something happening without interruption. Examples: Living near the freeway means listening to continuous road noise from dawn to dusk...I sat watching the continuous flow of water spilling from the top of Multnomah Falls.

CONTINUAL (happening again and again) "Continual" suggests a close, prolonged recurrence, happening again and again (regularly). Examples: Their neighbor's dog barks continually...The red light blinks continually when the train is nearby.

Grammar Tip #2 How do I Abbreviate Et Al.?

According to Chicago Manual of Style, (5.220), you say et al. with a period following "al." This is the abbreviated form of et alii ("and others"); the others are people, not things. Since al. is an abbreviation, use a period. Tip: (6.20) says et al. stands for et alia (neut.), et alii (masculine), and et aliae (feminine). And no need to italicize et al. in normal prose.

Business Email Tip

Why do people use email for business communication? Because it saves time, physical effort, expense, and helps avoid telephone tag. But isn't it an informal way of communicating? Yes. And some people think informal means sloppy. Not so, says Gregg Reference Manual, "business communications are business communications, no matter how they are sent...."

Even if it's okay to write informally, it's smart to remember grammar, usage, and style. If you're writing for yourself on a personal basis, anything goes. If, however, you're writing for an organization, play by its rules. Be aware that anything you write for your business may some day be used in a legal action. Be careful.

HELP! Overseas English Language Coordinator needs to know how to create podcasts: plus how to teach her local-language speaking English teachers to use podcasting for students who miss class and want to hear the lesson and also want to learn to use podcasting to show oral proficiency. All ideas for novices are welcome! Help bring the 21th century to ESL in the Balkans!


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A Treasury of World's Fair Art & Architecture: 1851-1986. University of Maryland

Blair Bunting Photography

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

Thinking Outside the Box: European Cabinets, Caskets, and Cases from the Permanent Collection (1500-1900): Metropolitan Museum of Art. from the Museum's Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts.

University of Iowa Digital Library: Stradivari String Quartet Recordings


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Collection: Georgia State University Library

Mother Nature Network: Earth Matters, Health, Lifestyle, Green Tech, Eco-Biz & More

National Association for Gifted Children

Pictures: Scavenging for Charcoal Fuel in the Rubbish of Manila: National Geographic Daily News. Article discusses importance of California nonprofit Project PEARLS (see below)

Project PEARLS, a modest California nonprofit that is successfully using savvy social networking and social media to help deserving children in the Philippines.


Desktop Publishing Definition: Wikipedia

Glossary of Graphic Design Terms

Jack Yan's Fonts

Most Popular Website Fonts

Polished Presentations


Alice: educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D setting

Google in Education: for Teachers

Google Student Blog

Parent's Guide to Middle School

Web English Teacher


Activities for ESL Students

ESL Help Today: American Words/British Words

ESL Orientation for Writing Lab Tutorials

UsingEnglish: Resources for students, teachers, learners, and academics.

Writing for a Chinese Business Audience


Common Errors In English: Professor Paul Brians

Daily Grammar

Daily Writing Tips: Get a daily grammar, spelling, punctuation or vocabulary tip.

Guide To Grammar And Style: Jack Lynch

Professor Charles Darling's Grammar Site


Boston Streets: Mapping Directions. From before the Civil War through 20th Century urban renewal.

The collection of photographs of Henry Morton Stanley

The Negro Travelers' Green Book, Spring 1956

Unknown No Longer: Virginia Historical Society

Voices from the Dust Bowl (1940-1941)


Green Workplace News & Resources from Mother Nature Network

How to Recover Quickly When Disaster Strikes

Huffpost Small Business

What Good Is Uniqueness If A Competitor Can Easily Copy It?

Starting a Business


The Heartbeat of Social Media

Internet Evolution: news, analysis, & Opinion about future of Internet

Kim Kommando: Tip of the Day quickly reformat web articles & email to your Kindle/other mobile device for later reading

Mashable: Ongoing coverage of tech happenings


Ebook from the University of Chicago Press Books

Choosing a Format for Your eBook

Miller-McCune: Smart Journalism. Real Solutions.

Playwriting Opportunities

Wake Up and Write For Your Existing Readers (Don’t Look for Readers Later)

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