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ISSN:1544-8312December 2015
Judy Vorfeld, PublisherIssue 97

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Photo of Judy Vorfeld, publisher, November 2015 NEW EBOOK FOR START-UP EDITORS AND WRITERS. People often write me asking for advice about starting their own editing or writing business. The many excellent questions from my online visitors allowed me put together a brief eBook with some sample forms/templates to help people fill in some gaps. It took time and research and some amazing people helped by critiquing it.

This eBook will never be finished. New situations will pop up and I want to feel free to make changes and update it.

Here it is, in PDF:

Recently completed a makeover on my Webgrammar site. This site ( is next in line for a renovation.

Hearing Loss Feedback from earlier issue: from my sister, Calamity Jan Pierson: Hi Sis, I was especially interested with the important article on hearing loss and drugs. And your comments. We do have family predisposition to hearing loss and drugs can trigger this with our weakness. My drug was a micin (Not the three listed which are still common today) but one beginning with a "C" which was taken off the market because it definitely caused hearing loss. That was the drug used on me. What I say in my medical information is that I am not to have any antibiotic "micins." Thanks so much, Sis. I always find something (or more than one something on your e-communication-Food for Thought) that is meaningful.

Hope you've enjoyed the holidays in the last several months, and that you have a superb New Year!


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Grammar Tip - numbers

Here's what most people practice for general writing as opposed to scientific or technical writing:

  1. Spell out numbers from 1 through 10 and use figures for numbers above 10 if you have text with many numbers. If there aren't many numbers, spell out all numbers under 101.
  2. Use all figures when there is significant technical meaning (especially when using figures in tables, columns, etc.).
  3. Very rarely spell out a number above 10 to de-emphasize the number or make it seem indefinite (example: hundreds of reasons...thousands of reasons...thanks a million...).
  4. Always spell out a number if it's the first word in a sentence.

  5. Above all: be consistent. Express related numbers above and below 10 the same way (We have 7 sheep, 2 pigs, and 12 partridges.). Whenever several numbers appear in the same context, the style for the larger numbers governs that for the smaller.


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