Winning the Battles for the Filipino Mothers

Note: If the video is too difficult to be seen on my blog, click this link.

The Halfway House-a lying-in center in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, made out of PET bottles where expectant women can wait for their time of labor. Since it will be near the Rural Health Station (RHU), expectant women living miles away from the RHU do not have to travel long distances while in labor just to give birth.

The I CAN team involved many professionals and the community in planning and creating this unique structure. But one hopes more such buildings will be created for the disadvantaged…it’s a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO): a group of social-change makers who bring simple, cost efficient, environment-friendly, and synergistic solutions to health and other health-related problems within communities thru inter-sectoral participation and inter-community development.

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