West Valley Think Tank enjoys catered lunch

800-thinktankToday was my birthday, and I couldn’t think of anything more fun than to invite some very special people and have one of them cater the lunch.

Anne Caldwell, who is a human resources guru, is also a terrific caterer, and she came into my home this morning and took over while I went back to the office and worked. She produced lunch, and I produced Web pages and did bookwork.

Then it was time for my guests to arrive, including my brother and his camera, and we sat down to a delightful lunch. Anne is fairly new to our group, as is Julie Moran, but the rest of us, including Jen Muench and Elsbeth Oggert (who couldn’t join us today), have been part of the group for over a year.

In the picture above, from left, are Anne Caldwell, Lois Epps, Julie Moran, Janet Crook, Ruthann Clemens, Roseann Ritterby, and me.

punchbowlWhat do we do? Brainstorm. Help each other out with business ideas. Help with organizational ideas for small businesses and nonprofits. (One of our members is starting up a nonprofit, and another is a social worker.) Analyze projects brought in by one or another of us. Analyze and critique as needed. Learn how to use new technology. Learn how to navigate in the world of social networking.

We’re a group of authentic people who have a great deal of life experience, enthusiasm, and energy. While we certainly look back at what we’ve learned, we tend to look forward as we discover way to make our businesses work in this new age. Marketing and communication are two of our main focus points. A diverse group, which makes things very refreshing, we try to think outside the taco.

Back to Anne Caldwell. Her catering business is called “In Good Taste,” and she specializes in healthy, wholesome cuisine. The main dish and salad were delicious and colorful, and the Zero Sugar Dessert was to die for. She knows what she’s doing, and I recommend her highly. Give her a call at (602) 228-9191 to discuss how she can enhance your holiday experience. Her rates are very competitive, and she’s totally reliable.

2 Responses to “West Valley Think Tank enjoys catered lunch”

  1. CoCreatr Says:

    Happy Birthday, Judy.
    Many happy returns to you and your think-tribe.
    Wishes from Japan.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thank you, Bernd. This group only exists because I read Tribes and got involved with Triiibes. But you knew that! I look forward to the time you and your family visit Arizona.

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