Understanding Social Networking Technology Means Being Promoted: Read This!

Guest post by Maggie Ruggieri


Social networking technology is more than just a way of communicating about your weekend plans. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to improve your chances of landing a promotion. Many businesses use social networks as a way to learn more about the social consumerist, not to mention, to recruit new team members and even executive management professionals. If you aren’t using social networks yet, you could be missing the succession planning of a company. Using this technology wisely could mean new opportunities and career advancements to many.

What Social Networks?

No matter if you’re talking about succession planning or not, many social networks provide connections for executives and others. But, which ones should you use? Which are a waste of time? Black and Brown News provides a few of the best networks for individuals to use for career usage. If you aren’t on top of this, you may be missing out.

1.) Facebook

Facebook provides a simple and effective way to network and it happens to be the largest of the social networking groove right now. Connect with professionals in the industry you want to get to know more about.

2.) Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blog that is powerful. With 140-characters to state your claim- you can count on this being a fast, user-friendly solution. It’s more than a tweet, though. Create a following and say something interesting to get human resource managers to notice you.

3.) Google+

Google+ is a newer model of Facebook from Google. It’s easy to use and offers numerous interaction possibilities. Many who don’t like Facebook enjoy this particular tool for its capabilities.

4.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional network and you will not find a better location to grow professional connections quick and easy. You will find numerous groups to join which can provide for those connections.

These are the most commonly used and most prolific sources for social networks. All networking sites are free to use, too. There’s no long-term commitment to them. You may waste some time getting started but in the long term it may pay off.

Employers Are Already Watching You

Even if you have put off using social networks in the past, many employers use them now. As mentioned, many are turning to them in a method of succession planning. If the employer needs to fill a gap left or a gap that will be left by a promotion down the road- it needs candidates that are capable of doing just that.

As Discovery News points out, employers are using sites like Facebook for many things. Profiles on Facebook, for example, can provide the employer with everything it needs to know about the personality of the applicant or social consumer. Think about what you last updated on your status and consider how an employer might see it. So what’s the bottom line here? The use of social networking is critical to those who want a job or who want to find new connections within their industry. Hands down, this may be one of the best ways for you to grow your next future career choice.

Maggie loves anything and everything related to technology. She also volunteers at her local pet shelter when she can break away from her iPhone. 

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