Sun Dog lights up the sky over Superior

asundogYesterday my brother, David, and our friend, Chaplain Carl Richards, and I visited Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona. With cameras in hand and hopes high.

We weren’t disappointed. The day was cool and breezy, and the plants and flowers were in glorious bloom. We were about halfway through our visit when one of us looked up and saw the most beautiful color effect in the sky over the nearby mountains.

We didn’t know the name of the effect until today, when David put one of the photos on Facebook, and one of his friends mentioned that it was called a Sun Dog. She was kind enough to give a URL. The site, in part, says, “A sundog is a rainbow-like spot in a cirrus cloud. Light shining through ice crystals in the cloud makes a sundog, much like light shining through raindrops makes a rainbow.”

This is one of the reasons I value the Internet. Sharing information. There is so much to learn, isn’t there?

By the way, David is in the above photo, along with a couple of hikers.

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