How to create a tips booklet

Two of my favorite colleagues, Lynette Smith and Andrea Susan Glass, join together to present a free class in how to create a tips booklet. I strongly endorse them and their work, and in this case, their teleseminar for small business owners, coaches, and other service professionals.

Creating a Tips Booklet as
Your First Info-Product
Tele-Interview with
Lynette Smith and Andrea Susan Glass

Are you waiting to write your first info-product when you can find the time?

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of writing a whole book or e-book?

Well, you’re in for a real treat! On Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET, I’ll be interviewing Lynette Smith of Good Ways to Write on “Creating a Tips Booklet as Your First Info-Product.” Lynette will discuss what tips booklets are and how simple they are to create, how to sell the tips booklets as a booklet and e-booklet to consumers as well as to businesses for bulk sales, and how to build an entire line of info-products with tips booklets. Plus she’ll answer any of your questions.

Lynette is the creator of the treasured tips booklets on personal and professional communications with heart. She just released the first in her line, a series of marriage-themed booklets on Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter to…. Lynette will explain the steps you go through to develop your first tips booklet quickly and how to use one as a template for others. She’ll also provide insider tips on securing bulk sales and licensing agreements for multiplying passive profits.

If you’re finally ready to give up your excuses and create your first info-product quickly and easily, then sign up for this FREE tele-interview!

All you have to do to attend this live interview is to sign up at After signing up you’ll be taken to a page with call in details. We’ll be giving away gifts and have some special offers for you, so make sure you sign up for this call

I look forward to connecting with you then.

Happy info-product profits!

P.S. The call will be recorded but you have to sign up to get the recording.

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