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August 10, 2007

Canine Co-Pilots

Do you know someone in need of a trained assistance dog? You might want to investigate Canine Co-Pilots, of Flagstaff, Arizona.

This organization raises service dogs, social therapy dogs, hearing dogs, and autism dogs. Here's the way this 501(c)(3) works:

Our puppies are placed into volunteer homes at 8 weeks of age. The puppy raiser then attends training class once per week to learn training techniques and commands. The puppy raiser also gets to take their dog in training everywhere, including to their place of employment! After placement, the volunteer is required to participate in weekly field trips out in public alongside Canine Co-Pilots trainers. The dogs come back to us prior to their placement with a person with a disability.

People can contribute as little as $2 for a dog brush, toothbrush, or toothpaste. Or as much as $15,000 for training and placement of one service dog.

Think about it. Canine Co-Pilots. Another nonprofit organization motivated by the desire to help people with specific needs and nowhere else to go.

And who is this sleeping dog? Gracie, my granddog!